Resources for Lending

Please contact our Therapy Admin Department to reserve the kit you are interested in. The kits are kept at our office which is located at 45 Coronation Street, North Perth, and they can be loaned for up to one week (longer on request). Office hours are 7.30am to 4.00pm, Monday to Friday.


Splinting Boxes – Upper Limb & Lower Limb

APE3Australian Physiotherapy Equipment together with Atlantic Therapy Services have compiled splinting boxes as resources for therapists to be able to examine particular splints and braces for their clients and for continued professional development.




  1. LP Wrist Wrap [LP753CA] – one size fits most
  2. LP Shoulder Support [LP738] – medium
  3. Actimove Epi Motion Elbow Support Brace [SN73477-04]
  4. Oppo Thumb Support [OPPO1089] – large
  5. Oppo Reinforced Shoulder Brace [OPPO2172] – medium
  6. LP Support Arm Sling [LP839] – medium
  7. Oppo Wrist Wrap [OPPO2083] – one size fits most
  8. LP Wrist Wrap with Thumb hole [LP726] – one size fits most
  9. Actimove Manus Forte Plus – Wrist & Thumb Brace [SN73496] – small/medium (R)
  10. Actimove Manu Motion – Wrist Support [SN73497] – medium (L)
  11. Actimove Manus Forte [SN73482] – small/medium (R)
  12. APE Wrist Support [PSS2201] – medium (R)
  13. Soft Touch Hot & Cold Therapy [PSSOFT] – small
  14. Ossur Shoulder Abduction Sling [AO20405] – large
  15. Heel/Elbow Slip Over [PSSIL152] – small/medium
  16. Oval 8 Splint Kit – Sizing Set [AUS3PP-P1088]
  17. Rolyan Functional Resting Splint – Left [A812700]
  18. Rolyan Progressive Hand Splint (w/- 9 attachments) [A812620]
  19. Anti-Spasticity Ball Splint Loop [A419304] (w/- 4 attachments)
  20. Rolyan Progressive Palm Protector Splint [A812315]
  21. Rolyan Progressive Palm Protector Splint with Wrist Support [A812301]
  22. Rolyan Carve-It Hand Positioning Splint – sm/med [A812610]
  23. Rolyan Palm Shield [A812401]
  24. Soft Pro Grip [OC-SP31FG] – medium (L) w/- palmar roll
  25. Dyna Pro Finger Flex WHFO – medium (R) x 2
  26. Dyna Pro Finger Flex WHFO – medium (L) x 2
  27. Palm Protector with Finger Separators [A81201] – (L)
  28. LP Extreme Elbow Brace [LP751CA]

  1. LP Heel Cushion Cups [LP330] – medium
  2. LP Ankle Support [LP757CA] – one size fits most
  3. Supporta Elastic Extra Support Belt [SUPBES74] – large
  4. Oppo Clavic Brace / Posture Aid [OPPO2075] – large
  5. Ossur 3 Panel Imobiliser (Knee Immob) [AO2000] – size 16”
  6. Heel/Elbow Slip Over [PSSIL152] – size L/XL
  7. Ossur Airform Ankle [AO8010] – size adult (R) foot
  8. Actimove Talomotion – Ankle Support [SN73487] – size large (L) foot
  9. Mueller Adjustable Back Brace [MUE4581] – one size fits most
  10. Soft Touch Hot & Cold Therapy [PSSOFT] – size small
  11. Actimove Genu Motion – Knee Support [SN73468] – size medium
  12. LP Sacro Lumbar Support [LP903] – size medium
  13. LP Knee Stabilizer [LP709] – size medium
  14. LP Standard Knee (Open Patella) Support [LP708] – size large
  15. Ossur Wraparound Hinged Knee Brace [AO2120] – size medium



Mealtime Kit

The mealtime kit, similar in concept to the splinting kit, contains a range of adaptive feeding products.

If you are interested in purchasing any products from the kits please contact Ausmedic.



CONTENTS (click to view)
  1. Medical cup AA5724H (beige/white)
  2. Nosey Cut Out Tumblers C1145 (clear)
  3. Caring Mug AA5710Y (beige)
  4. Medici Plate AA5620H (white)
  5. Incurve Surround AA5662Y (white)
  6. Manoy Plate AA5610 (beige)
  7. Multi Holder AA5587 (grey)
  8. Caring Cutlery (teaspoon, spoon, fork, knife x1)
  9. Bendable Fork A703207 (black handle)
  10. Bendable Knife A703208 (black handle)
  11. Manoy Cutlery (fork, spoon x1)
  12. King Assessment Kit AA5548 (black case x1)



Fiddle “n” Feel BoxFiddle-n-Feel box

Comprises of 12 brightly coloured sensory/motor objects.

It offers the person with dementia the opportunity to engage in manipulating various tactile objects that provide sensory stimulation and physical activity.

It can assist in directing the person away from agitation based fidgeting behaviours.

It is recommended that the Fiddle “n” Feel Box be used under supervision. Instructions on use of the box and care of objects are included.



Hierarchic Dementia Scale (HDS) Kits 

NEW updated version is available NOW

For a small fee of $10 (to cover cleaning & scoring sheets) you can loan the new kit for one week or longer if not otherwise reserved.

The Hierarchic Dementia Scale (HDS) is a reliable, validated assessment tool that assesses 20 different cognitive dimensions. The tool works to highlight the remaining abilities of people with dementia. It is time-efficient, can be used across the entire course of the disease – from the point of diagnosis right through to end-of-life care – and is particularly useful in creating highly individualised care-plans.

The HDS-R Kit is an invaluable tool for staff working with people with dementia in any setting, particularly for occupational therapists and nurses. Use of the kit is not restricted to health professionals.hds







CONTENTS (click to view)

  1. HDS-R Hierarchic Training Manual
  2. Possibility Oriented Approach Manual
  3. Score sheets
  4. Blank sheets
  5. Spiral booklet of flashcards
  6. Double sided picture (cooking scene on one side and animal scene the other side)
  7. Clear small container with lid containing;
    1. Yellow counters x 10
    2. Teaspoon
    3. Large button
    4. Ring with red glass
    5. Large paper clip
    6. Silver key
    7. Round orange tile
    8. Square orange tiles x 4 plus orange/blue x 4
  8. Blue plastic container with lid containing;
    1. Purple pens x 2
    2. Blue pencil x 1
    3. Red and white toothbrush
    4. Black small comb
    5. Red handled scissors in plastic pouch
    6. Pair of glasses (no lenses)
    7. Tube of Toothpaste


Stretch & Relax Kit: Relaxation Therapy for Older Adults

stretchrelaximageCreated by Sasha Wray (Occupational Therapist), this kit provides health professionals with a resource containing all that is needed to successfully implement a relaxation therapy program for older adults experiencing depression, anxiety, low self confidence and/or low level cognitive impairment. Includes Mindful Inner Smile CD.


Training is available and recommended as an adjunct to the Stretch & Relax Kit.





Please contact our Therapy Admin Department should you be seeking a resource that is not listed above.