Allied Health Professionals

Atlantic has an experienced team of Allied Health Professionals who can provide a pool of skills in meeting the service needs within the aged care & health sector.

For example: ACFI assessments, contribution to accreditation, falls prevention, counselling, nutritional & dietary needs, activity & programme reviews, pressure care, menu reviews, swallowing & dysphasia issues, sensory assessments, environmental audits plus mentoring and supervision of students and staff.

Modes of service delivery include one-off shifts, ongoing bookings and recruitment.

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AN OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST can assist you with…

  • Seating, positioning and pressure care
  • Provision of assistive devices and independence aids
  • Optimising hand and upper limb function
  • Environment adaptation – safety and access
  • Ergonomic assessments
  • Falls prevention
  • Functional skills development related to daily living tasks
  • Dementia care and behaviour management
  • Cognitive and perceptual evaluation
  • Wheelchair prescription
  • Management of pain issues
  • Leisure and lifestyle engagement
  • Provision of activity based programs


A PHYSIOTHERAPIST can assist you with…

  • Balance, strength and mobility
  • Back care
  • Therapeutic exercises and activities
  • Manual handling
  • Assist with pain management
  • Assist to regain maximal functional ability
  • Falls prevention
  • Exercise programs
  • Muscle re-education and gait retraining
  • Assessment and provision of mobility aids
  • Developing & maintaining OH&S programmes


A DIETICIAN can assist you with…

  • Individual nutritional assessment/ diet plan
  • Strategies for weight loss/weight gain
  • Liaison with other clinical staff and food service staff to provide dietary requirements
  • Diabetes management
  • Promote healthy eating
  • PEG feeding management
  • Meeting hydration requirements
  • Nutrition and wound healing
  • Malnutrition and high energy/ protein diets
  • Special diets i.e. gluten free and modified textures
  • Comprehensive menu review and report


A SOCIAL WORKER can assist you with…

  • Assessment of resident’s and family’s needs
  • Develop response plan through counselling and/or group support
  • Involvement with issues relating to financial management, public trust, administration and the guardianship
  • Resident’s grief, loss, separation and relocation issues (major lifestyle changes)
  • Identify and implement individual plans for residents and families from multicultural
  • Advocacy
  • Assist residents in making informed decisions
  • Access appropriate network and support systems


A SPEECH PATHOLOGIST can assist you with…

  • Individual consultations
  • Chewing and eating different textures of food safely.
  • Drinking different thickness of fluids safely.
  • Co-ordinating your speech sounds so that you can speak clearly.
  • Helping you learn about the tone, volume and rate of your speech so that others can understand you.
  • Using pictures, gestures, body language, and specialised communication devices to communicate to others, if unable to do so verbally.
  • Understanding your family, friends and carers’ speech.
  • Recalling information from long stories that you have read
  • Organising your thoughts into sentences, if you were to write them down.
  • Thinking logically and solving problems.
  • Understanding subtle language such as jokes and sarcasm.
  • Helping your family, friends and carers understand you better.


A PODIATRIST can assist you with…

  • Individual consultations
  • Medical care to the feet, ankles and lower legs
  • Skin & nail conditions
  • Provision of orthotics


AN EXERCISE PHYSIOLOGIST can assist you with…

  • Individual consultations
  • Exercise programs for therapeutic benefit
  • Monitoring of exercise adherence
  • Provision of education related to exercise